Our customers depend upon us to provide delicious products and exceptional customer service. All of us at Aaron’s Gourmet do our best to meet and exceed their high expectations and standards. Read the feedback that we received from our customers to see what they have said about our company and our efforts on their behalf.


“I wanted to thank you for the seder package you assembled for us this year when we hosted our family for the first time. As was the case with the Thanksgiving package you prepared for us a year ago in November for 23 people, everything was wonderfully prepared and packaged, plentiful and delicious.



The only place worth going to. After frequenting Aaron's Gourmet for the past ten years I can say with certainty that they not just provide for all your kosher meat needs, but also provide for an all around unique and pleasant experience. The employees are all personable and friendly, eager to assist you in a timely manner and also answer all your kosher meat questions and concerns.

The business environment they work in is clean and sanitary. The pricing is competitive and affordable. But the most impressive feat is the quality of food they provide. After trying Aaron's no other meat tastes the same... regardless of the city, state, or country that I have eaten it.

Aarons is by far the best and their selection is unrivaled. They answer all my questions and provide for all my needs. Personable and kind, professional and courteous. Aaron's Kosher gourmet Emporium is the only place Ill ever purchase meat from again

Jack G.


Organic Kosher Meat?! Hello!

This place is AMAZING! Ordering is a breeze, you can do it online and theyll have it shipped to you or ready for pick up. Very responsive on the phone and email as well.

I always order my holiday Turkey here, you can't go wrong with either the Organic bird (5.99lbs) or their infamous Rubashkin bird (3.99 lbs). it's a great steal! PLUS if you are into brining your bird like me, you eliminate a step because it's already done for you (it's a Kosher thang)!

Once I needed to order a bird to travel 4 hours in the car with and they packaged it so that it wouldn't spoil on the ride and all!

They also carry first cut angus beef here and a slew of organic grocery products as well.

The staff is actually really nice and warm and very helpful, go check them out right....NOW!

Jason W.
1/12/2012 Long Island City, NY


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