All orders are shipped via UPS/FedEx overnight.

The shipping cost is determined by the weight and the shipping address of the package. See theZone chart to get an estimate of the shipping costs to your area. Please note that since meat products are cut to order and it is not possible to cut exact weights, the weights are always estimates.

There is a 3% credit card fee added to all orders paid with a credit card.

We are not always able to change the pricing as it goes up or down during busy times due to high market volitility, therefore, we reserve the right to change prices more or less by 15%. 

Orders are shipped on Mondays-Thursdays. Orders are usually received by noon the next day. For example: An order which is shipped on Monday, is scheduled for delivery before noon on Tuesday. Please allow 2  full business days before the order will ship.

Expedited shipping option for the following day is sometimes available if the order is placed before 11:00 a.m. at an additional cost of  $40 per order.

Although we ship your orders out on requested dates, it may be likely your order is late in delivery (due to COVID and related interruptions and weather/flight delays, etc. Please note that some time zones, rural areas, on certain occasions, holidays and under circumstances beyond our control, Acts of G-d, orders may arrive 2nd or 3rd day, e.g. order is shipped on Monday and arrives Wednesday/Thursday/

Please place your orders at least two days in advance since orders are prepared fresh to order to each person’s specifications. After the order is prepared, it’s then flash frozen for one day before it is shipped. Most orders will not be shipped before 48 hrs. of placing of order even if the ship date on the order form was filled out as prior to that time.

Someone must be home at the shipping destination to receive the order since food is perishable. To ensure a package is left at the door a note by the receiver must be  left at the door acknowledging responsibility for the package if it is  stolen or if box is broken , by an animal, etc

We will not be responsible if a mistake in address is made by the customer, e.g., wrong zip code, building or house #, etc

We ship with a shipper release option, so that the package is left at the door without a signature.

$5.00 Address Change Fee: .If a customer places an order with one address and then decides to ship an order elsewhere, there is a $5.00 address change fee.

Make sure the information you give us is correct. Please check the information you give us and double check the order confirmation that we send you.

There is a $20 charge if an address correction is made by UPS and/or FedEx. Your order will be late by at least 1 day, though the products are packed to withstand that it is obviously not recommended for perishable products to travel longer than needed.

Cancelling/returning an order: Since all products are prepared to order when the order is placed and processed, there is no way that the order can be stopped or canceled. We will not be responsible if a customer has a change of plans. If, however, the customer still wants to cancel the order for whatever reason, there will be a restocking fee of (30%) or $30 per each $100.00 increment of order placed. The customer must wait for or make arrangements for someone to wait for the order for 56 hours after the order is shipped.

If a customer is not satisfied with the product purchased, he/she may return the product within 72 hours of receipt of package only, provided that at least 85% of the product is not used and is in perfect untouched shape.. The unused product must be in proper form (not spoiled, soiled, crushed, etc.) to be inspected and ok’d to be taken back by Aaron’s Gourmet. The product must be frozen and shipped to us overnight. Once the product is received and checked for the condition as above described, a full credit less the shipping cost will be granted.

If you have any questions about this policy, e-mail us at Aaronsfood@gmail.com before placing your order.

Aaron’s Guarantee: Orders are packed to withstand 68 hours in transit. If your order is not received within 68 hours, we will file a claim with UPS/FedEx. We will then either refund your money or reship the order as per customer’s preference



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