Our customers depend upon us to provide delicious products and exceptional customer service. All of us at Aaron’s Gourmet do our best to meet and exceed their high expectations and standards. Read the feedback that we received from our customers to see what they have said about our company and our efforts on their behalf.


Organic Kosher Meat?!  Hello!

This place is AMAZING!  Ordering is a breeze, you can do it online and they’ll have it shipped to you or  ready for pick up. Very responsive on the phone and email as well.

I always order my holiday Turkey here, you can't go wrong with either the Organic bird (5.99lbs) or their infamous Rubashkin bird (3.99lbs). it's a great steal!  PLUS if you are into brining your bird like me, you  eliminate a step because it's already done for you (it's a Kosher  thang)!

Once I needed to order a bird to travel 4 hours in the  car with and they packaged it so that it wouldn't spoil on the ride and  all!

They also carry first cut angus beef here and a slew of organic grocery products as well.

The staff is actually really nice and warm and very helpful, go check them out right....NOW!

Jenn S.

“I wanted to thank you for the seder package you assembled for us this year when we hosted our family for the first time. As was the case with the Thanksgiving package you prepared for us a year ago in November for 23 people, everything was wonderfully prepared and packaged, plentiful and delicious.



The only place worth going to. After frequenting Aaron's Gourmet for the past ten years I can say with certainty that they not just provide for all your kosher meat needs, but also provide for an all around unique and pleasant experience. The employees are all personable and friendly, eager to assist you in a timely manner and also answer all your kosher meat questions and concerns.

The business environment they work in is clean and sanitary. The pricing is competitive and affordable. But the most impressive feat is the quality of food they provide. After trying Aaron's no other meat tastes the same... regardless of the city, state, or country that I have eaten it.

Aarons is by far the best and their selection is unrivaled. They answer all my questions and provide for all my needs. Personable and kind, professional and courteous. Aaron's Kosher gourmet Emporium is the only place Ill ever purchase meat from again

Jack G.


Aaron's is definitely one of the highest-quality kosher gourmet shops  I've ever shopped in. The proprietors are true artisans who take pride  in the quality of the fresh meat, prepared foods, and charcuterie they  sell. The charcuterie, exotic meats, bison, lamb, veal, etc. are  expertly presented, and I know of no better source for these commodities than Aaron's.

For those of you who were once non-observant, you will greatly appreciate the charcuterie. While the flavor of beef,  duck, and lamb cured meats is not exactly the same as the flavor of  pork, their charcuterie is expertly crafted in such a way that you truly appreciate these meats for the curing and smoking and time that went  into their preparation. The lamb pancetta made an excellent carbonara  (we sauteed onions in olive oil, added the pancetta, Mimic Creme- the  best vegan substitute for heavy cream on the market, black pepper, and  fresh spaghetti), and the duck prosciutto was literally to die for,  served with fresh cantaloupe for an elegant first course, and also used  in panini with fresh roasted red peppers and Daiya vegan mozzarella on  parve garlic bread. The homemade sausages are incredible; the sweet and  hot Italian varieties, made from veal, were excellent when used in our  Sunday sugo/ragout, and others were enjoyed with peppers and onions on  Italian bread. And when our craving for Chinese strikes, we frequently  purchase their meat-filled dumplings and pan fry them, served alongside a sweet sesame-scallion-soy dipping sauce.

I've also had the pleasure of ordering their prepared  foods for Passover. They have the most extensive Passover menu of any  kosher establishment in NYC, and while you pay for quality, their veal  cutlets, beef stuffed cabbage, meat loaf, and cervelat greatly enhanced  our holiday joy.

This store is an essential resource for those  who desire top-of-the line, gorumet food, and meats and sumptuous dishes prepared with care, in the style of the great kosher butchers of  yesteryear. Don't walk, but run, here.  Daniel S.


Even if you don't keep kosher, please try their meat once. Everything  they have is sooooooo amazing and you'll never go back to meat from  other supermarkets nor grocery stores. Their beef jerky is so flavorful  and goes super well w/ beer! You can cook Beef bacon w/ eggs n make  yummy brunch! Their chicken is soooo juicy and beef is super  delicious!!! A+++++++++ products!!!!

Alexis H

Gefilte fish


Just wanted to let you know how much we and our guests enjoyed your  barbecue package.  The food was delicious!  We got so many compliments  from our guests, (and even a text the next day about the food), and we  could definitely tell that everyone was enjoying by the number of times  they went back to the buffet table to refill their plates.  It was  perfect.
 Thanks again!  We'll see you soon,

 S & J

salmon canape with hazelnut
aaronscatering set service

“A million thanks again for everything last night. "Shashlik in the  Sukkah" is one of my favorite annual events and much of the reason is  because of working with you and your professional staff. May 5776 be a happy, invigorating and healthy year for you and your entire family.”
Audrey D.


Chef Alex,

I wanted to thank you for  the unbelievable food you prepared for me. Specifically, the lamb  shanks were the best I've ever had, the bison tongue with plum/garlic  sauce was one of the best things I've ever tasted (a touch of cilantro I think?), the duck breast was absolutely delicious, the veal sweetbreads were fantastic; I didn't have any of the bison brisket or the lamb  roast but I was told by my guests that they were both amazing dishes.

Congratulations on a wonderful job and thank you so much! 

Eric W.

I wanted to give you feedback on your product...No pun intended. This was very delicious and moist! Regards, A.

Dear Alex,

I ate the Porterhouse last night. It was BLISS! By far the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life Like toro in the sushi world. Thanks so much for pointing me towards this, and for doing the deal with Luger. I’lll be back for more soon.

Al Best,




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